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About Our Online Shop

Ekfraseis  Winery started its operation in 2013 in the village of Chandria in the province of Limassol. The producer of wines is Christos Vassiliades, a restless and well-trained winemaker who takes care to leave his personal mark on every production stage.

The Winery is a modern, well-organized, and well-equipped winery, housed in the center of the second-highest mountain community in Cyprus, the village of Chandria, at the foot of Madari and at an altitude of 4000 feet. It is perhaps the highest winery in Europe and exploits some of the highest vineyards in both Europe and the world.


The production of quality wines with a strong element of discretion is a pursuit and constant effort. For this reason, the winery fully exploits the vineyards of the estate from where it draws the raw material for the production of its wines and places special emphasis on the elements of the intermediate climate which give its wines a special style, distinction, and class.

The wines of Ekfraseis Winery impress with their consistency and distinctiveness, enter more and more into the consciousness of the consumer public, and have managed to be repeatedly distinguished in competitions as well as to receive very positive reviews from local experts both domestically and internationally. level.

Our online store was created to enable the friends of the winery to purchase our wines and enjoy them from the comfort of their own homes.


With simple steps, you can order your favorite wines through our online store and we will send them to you in a very short time. With this feature, you get quick and easy access to all our wine labels, even those that are not widely available at other points of sale.


You can also access the winery's website through our online store where you will get all the information about the winery and its wines that may interest you.


We are at your disposal to serve you and help you choose the right wines for your tastes and occasions through the live chat service provided through our online store. Do not hesitate to contact us with all available ways for any information you need.


Thanks for the preference.

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